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Sound-speed Transport.

Written By Fajar Nihlaistigh Farini on Friday, 16 August 2013 | 00:54

Hello friends, Now, I would like to write about Sound-speed Transport. to accompany all of my friends are on the look for articles on Sound-speed Transport.. I hope you enjoy with my article.

NEW YORK - American businessman, Alan Musk, propose the concept of transport which has a speed approaching the speed of sound. Transportation modes is named "Hyperloop," and if realized would connect Los Angeles and California within 610 km with a time of 30 minutes.

Hyperloop moved using magnets and fans to throw chairs in the capsule through a long tube. But Musk claims to be too busy if you have to develop the project alone.

According to BBC (13/8), in a paper outlining the concept Hyperloop, Musk filed solar power system can be fast, safe, inexpensive, and efficient for use in the transportation system between Los Angeles and San Francisco from the high-speed train that is currently is being developed.

"The only option for superfast trip was to build a tube above or below ground by creating a special environment," he wrote.

Musk estimating investment models like this can reach USD 6 billion or around Rp 60 trillion. Prototyping could take about four years.

Capsules can be dispatched once every 30 seconds and can also bring personal vehicles in it, with a speed of 1,220 miles per hour, approaching the speed of sound.

Passengers sit in a cabin in the capsule will have little influence as the force of gravity. Musk says it feels more like being in an airplane of the roller coaster.

He added that the company is likely to build a prototype, but not right away, because he was busy with commercial space projects SpaceX hers.

According to him, this is very good concept to apply to the distance between the two cities nearly 1,000 miles, in order to compete with other transport models.

But for shorter distances, this new concept can also beat the best, because it does take time to climb and descend into the sky. "This design will withstand earthquakes and travel costs only about USD 20 or USD 200 thousand each way," he concluded.


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